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Users Guide for Setting up Return to Misty Moorings

Step 1 - Register on the Forum: This is not mandatory at all, but it will sure help you get started. Get registered (it's free, no strings) on the RTMM forum and introduce yourself. Once you do this, all registered members will be ready to help you when you ask questions. Some people will be able to follow this guide and be successful, other people will have questions. The purpose of the FORUM is to answer those questions for you. This, of course, is not mandatory, but it can be very helpful for you.

Step 2 - Know the software requirements. You must have Flight Simulator X (FSX) or Prepar3D (P3D). You may not want to fly all of the RTMM areas, but once you decide on the areas you want to fly, you will have to purchase the software for that area, the ORBX or Tongass X software packages you choose should be installed first before installing RTMM items.

  • Software Necessary for RTMM Areas ... We recommend them in this order, but having all is best.
  1. Tongass Fjords Area - "Tongass Fjords" by FSAddon (FSAddon Link)
  2. Ketchikan Area - "Pacific Fjords" (PFJ) (ORBX Link)
  3. Juneau to Anchorage Area - "Southern Alaska" (ORBX Link)
  4. Vancouver and BC Area -"Pacific Northwest (Pacific Blue) " (ORBX Link)

Step 3 - You must install the necessary object libraries for RTMM. We have converted over 6000 objects so they will work with FSX, DX10 and P3D (all versions). All of the objects you see, cabins, campfires, buildings, are in these libraries. These are free to download, but we do as that you do not distribute them. Full instructions and download links are on the Object Library Page of RTMM:


Now Lets have some FUN!!!

Step 4 -Adding the RTMM scenery locations:

If you look at the RTMM Scenery page, you will find literally hundreds of locations that you can download "free." How do you choose which ones to download? Well we have an APP for that too! You should now take a look at the The GoTo Table, something that will help you make your choices. You do not have to download all of the scenery locations, only download the ones you would enjoy flying. The GoTo Table will help you with that.

1. What ORBX/Tongass X software do you have?

  • Some people only have one or two of the ORBX areas or even just Tongass X. The locations we have are specific for each of the scenery areas. If you only have Tongass X, then use the The GoTo Table to find all of the Tongass X locations. Search for "TFX" and all of the Tongass X locations will come up. You can then sort them by NM (nautical miles/length of flight), alphabetical by the location name, ... this done by clicking on a column header. But now the table is only showing you Tongass X locations. If you only have Tongass X, then these are the only locations that will work for you.
  • You can do the same thing with any/all of the software areas, "PFJ" "PNW" "SAK". Once you have the list of available locations for the software you have purchased, then you are ready to make some decisions.

2. Selecting GROUPS.

  • We recommend you start by downloading several GROUPS. If you look at the list of locations the The GoTo Table gives you, those in the left hand column in (RED) are part of a group. Downloading the group (listed in the right column, also in RED), you get ALL of the locations in that group. If you download the groups, you are downloading about 85% of the locations with only a few downloads. For instance one example is the USFS Cabins:
    • The USFS Cabins: When you have Tongass X, ORBX SAK and ORBX PFJ, you already have hundreds of "built in" locations to fly to and explore. Some of the most interesting are the USFS Cabins that are put into these packages. If you go to RTMM's "THE UFSF CABINS" page, you will find a zip to download named "The Missing Cabins." When you download and install this one folder into your flight simulator, you will have over 400 USFS cabins to "find".
  • To see what cabins are included in the (Missing Cabins) group, use the The GoTo Table and search for "Missing Cabins" ... the The GoTo Table will give you a list of about 100 locations. Keep in mind that some of these may not be in an Scenery Area you have purchased. They will only show correctly in installed purchased Scenery Areas, (PFJ, PNW, SAK and Tongass X).
  • Adding GROUPS is a quick way to get many locations installed.


  • Again, use the The GoTo Table. Search for the Scenery Area(s) you have. That will give you the available locations. The individual scenery locations are in GREEN type. So if you see something in GREEN, then you know you must download that particular "individual" scenery.
  • Browse the list. You can browse the list and choose the locations you might like. You can select "easy" (2) flights or very difficult (10) ones. You can select long/short flights using the NM column. Also before you select, you can look at the map and see if this looks like something you would enjoy flying. (click on the "map" link and the map for that location will come up for you.
  • Next, go to the scenery page and find the location that you are interested in. You will find a description of it, with some pictures. Again, is this one you want to download? If it is, then you click on the "ZIP" button and it is downloaded for you to your computer.
  • Remember, there are almost 1000 locations we've documented in RTMM. You do not need to have them all, some you may not care about. The choice of what you download is yours, download the things YOU would enjoy most.

Installing your first RTMM Scenery Location - Misty's Place

  1. Go to the Scenery Page of RTMM. At the bottom of the top table, look for an alphabet listing from left to right. Click on “M” for Misty's Place. You are jumped down to the “M” locations. Scroll down to Misty's Place.

  2. At the bottom of the box segment holding Misty's Place, you will see a “ZIP” button. Click on that button and Misty's Place is downloaded in a zip file to your computer.

  3. On your computer, in your flight sim folder, under ADDON SCENERY, add a new folder called “Misty Moorings.”

  4. Open the zip file. You will see a folder named “Misty's Place.” Place the Misty's Place folder into your new Misty Moorings folder.

  5. Go into your flight simulator, and using the file library, Add “Misty's Place” to your simulator's file library.

  6. If you now go into your sim and go to “World/Go to Airport” … if you put in Misty's Place for a location, it will show. Or you can use PF20. If you click then OK, you will find yourself at Misty's Place.

    NOTAM: To see how many flights come out of Misty's Place, use the The GoTo Table, search "Misty's Place".


There are some beautiful areas in our world to see. We think the "RTMM" area of the world is one of the most beautiful with the mountains, fjords, glaciers, high plateaus and waterways. (We are a little biased!). The RTMM site is devoted to introducing you to this beautiful area of the world giving you hours of flying going to and from the hundreds of scenery locations.

....and remember. When you get "stuck" ... reach out to the FORUM. Our people are ready to help you with any and all problems you encounter. You should not waste time trying to figure something out, just ask us so we can help you get into the air over RTMM as quickly as possible.

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